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How I Work

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020 8650 9827 to find out more about our counselling and therapy sessions.

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As a fully qualified and Accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist my aim is to offer an integrated solution focussed service for my clients. I work using an integration of Humanistic, CBT and Analytical models and integrate these into my work to the benefit of the client.


I also work in a relational way; which means that I believe that most difficulties which occur for us during our lives, are a reaction from a relationship between ourselves and the other, whoever or whatever the other might be. I therefore believe that the healing of those issues is most likely to surface through an exploration which happens in a therapeutic relationship which is real, open and honest and is held with compassion and understanding.

From your initial inquiry – whether that is by phone or email – your contact and content is totally confidential. We can discuss appointment times (day or evening), fees, needs, presenting issues, confidentiality and I can answer any questions which you might have. We can then book the first session which usually lasts for one hour, though longer sessions can be requested.


I refer to the first session as a two way assessment. You would be assessing me to see whether or not you feel you could do the work you need to do with me and I would take a full history and assessment to ensure that the issues which you bring are within my expertise and that you are sufficiently supported to do the psychological work you intend to do. After that if we enter into this work together, we re-assess every 6 weeks to see how we are doing.

The first contact to the first session


I believe my fees reflect my qualifications and 40 years of clinical experience working with groups, couples, individuals and organisations.


Please do call me to discuss my current hourly rate.